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The Bay Window Project: Catherine Bertola

Artists in a Frame 

curated by sybin 

From Wednesday 10 August  

SybinQ Art Projects
The window on Cleveland Street
London W1T 6DP
t. 07913717999

The Bay Window Project: a window that becomes a container for contemporary art. Beyond the white-cube display, the artwork forcefully enters the private sphere of a flat to be seen by an extemporaneous, unaware public. The aim is to map the evolution of site-specific art in a non-institutional environment. 

The second artist invited to exhibit in The Bay Window is CATHERINE BERTOLA. 

Bertola realises site-specific installations engaging with everyday debris, from dust to the delicate patterns found on blinds or net curtains that keep our domestic sphere private from the outside world. The debris speaks of a distant past, of untold and invisible stories of places and people. Her work is included in the Government Art Collection and it has been displayed widely in National Museums and abroad. 

For The Bay Window Project, Catherine presents the work Home from Home (Self-adhesive vinyl on glass, dimensions variable. Courtesy: The Artist, Workplace Gallery and Galerie M+R Fricke) 

In 2001, Catherine Bertola first installed Home from Home in the windows of three pubic houses; the Forth Hotel, Trent House and Newcastle Arms in Newcastle Upon Tyne. Net curtains are associated with suburbia and the home, not just used for decoration but also as a barrier between public and private – allowing the occupants to look out but preventing passers-by from looking in. In that instance, the installation brought a touch of intimacy to the hedonistic heart of the city. This year, the work was featured again in the group exhibition Cult of The Difficult, curated by MA Curating the Contemporary students at the London Metropolitan University in collaboration with the Government Art Collection.
Home from Home was installed in the Cass Gallery’s main window, creating a suspended screen that interrupted, in a way, the overall view of the show from the street. Drawing from the concept of copy and paste and associating it to the analysis of the same artwork in different contexts, Home from Home now reaches what could be its natural environment: a bay window.
The site-specificity of Bertola’s work is translated in an installation that may go unnoticed, sitting between the actual function of an ordinary blind and its status of artwork that has been collecting traces from different places. 

The display runs 10 – 31 August. 

Catherine Bertola (Born in 1976 in Rugby, UK) lives and works in Gateshead.
Selected Solo Shows: 2011 – To be forever known, Bronte Parsonage Museum, Haworth; 2010 - Scion, Beacon Art Project, Barrington Court, Somerset, UK; 2009 – Unseen By All But Me Alone, Workplace Gallery, Gateshead, UK; 2008 – Over the Teacups, M+R Fricke, Berlin, DE. Selected Group Shows: 2011 – Cult of the Difficult, Cass Gallery, London UK; Personal Tempest, Neue Galerie, Innsbruck, Austria; 2010 – Walls are talking: Wallpaper, Art and Culture, Whitworth Art Gallery, Manchester, UK; 2009 – Out of the Ordinary: Spectacular Craft, Millennium Gallery, Sheffield, UK. 

Will come next: RUSSEL CHATER in September

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