Wednesday, 7 December 2011

The #leaveamessage Day: Roads of the Unexpected

The Laws of Destiny and Chance are those that cannot be classified.

Randomness is something very much cherished in art: from the Surrealist's automatic painting, going through Pollock's famous drippings to mention what once Picasso is told to have said when asked about how his Blue Period developed: 'I ran out of other colours', he replied.
And just liked it so much as to carry on.

By the way, this is not a post about found objects, but found messages. Has it ever occurred to you to find an unexpected nice message in an unexpected place? I remember the 'secret admirer' when I was in Primary School. Love messages started to pop up in my pencil case or folded in the sandwich wrapping, and I perfectly knew it was some female classmates just taking the piss. I could match handwritings all right, even at eight. However, it was nice just to believe it, if only for a split second.
Even most interesting than this are those messages that perhaps weren't meant for us, but we find anyway. A lost letter. A post-it note stolen by the wind. A torn bit of words floating in the river.
A private message sent on Facebook to that not-so-famous-actor on his 40th birthday, just to let him know that you spared a thought for him and he's still gorgeous and you had a massive crush on him when you were eight and possibly never quite shook it. (embarassed cough)

It's like a treasure hunt, but you don't have to look for a treasure and you have no map. That something as simple as kind words is finding a way to come to you. Click.

Now you should take a further click, and read how come that this idea of the #leaveamessage day occurred to Wonderland. Just scroll down for the English version when you reach the post, and sign up if you feel like spreading some happy thoughts and cheers in the run up - or count down - to Christmas!

SAVE THE DATE: #leaveamessage day is Wednesday 14 December !

I like the idea of one of you, random readers, finding one of my messages. None of the two of us will never know, perhaps, but for a moment our distant lives would touch, and then turn back to normal.
Hopefully with a smile on our faces!


  1. as I said previously: lovely idea, but who the hell is gonna find my message at a remote bus stop up here in cheshire?? :D

  2. Someone will. Do not underestimate destiny! (oddio! emozione! ho un commento! ho un commento!) XD

  3. Ciao! Io ne ho lasciati sei in giro per la coop...molto alternativa! Immagino già le anziane signore infilarsi gli occhiali per leggere la mia calligrafia e in dialetto dire ad alta voce...bain cuslè cal bigliatt que? La coop sei tu, chi può darti di più? Ciao da una grigissima provincia di bologna!

  4. Ah ah, grande Gambera! I commenti di questo blog hanno le ragnatele invece delle parole, per cui anch'io riesco a fare casino...vedi sopra! Mi era venuto in mente di pubblicare le foto del misfatto, ma poi ci ho ripensato: meglio mantenere il mistero! :)