Sunday, 3 October 2010

Organising a Show via SMS

One artist in Berlin. One curator in London.
No computer or internet available for a couple of days. Two weeks away from the opening.
Skype can be used intermittently. No conference calls. What to do?

28 September, 2:54pm
Si: Hey, what's the distance of the window from the pvmnt?It's easy to measure:follow the imaginary dgnal from the cntre of the glass to the point where the visitor will sta

sy: What?

2:58 pm
Si: Actlly you can take a stone tie a stringtoit and throwt to the other side of the rd,then measure the strtchd string!

sy: And killing a passer-by for sure. And how about measuring,d'you think I'm Spidergirl?

30 September, 3:43 pm
Si: I bokd the tkts!Yay!Leaving on 13th but dunno how many hrs bus will tk.Dnt remember arrival time.

sy: Oh, s**t. Opening is on 14th...brilliant.We're dead.

2 October, 11:11 am
Si: Morning!Am working!Can U confirm window's glass measurements to be 70x86 and 60x86?We're going to make it but I'll need msrmnts to the mm!

sy: Sizes are:118x88and56x86cm.

2:51 pm
Si: Impossible,there's a mistake:how can you've such different sizes??Do you have a flared window? ;-)

sy: These are the measurements of the glass only,without the frame,as you requested.And the answer is yes,the window is flared.

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